Kaifu station

The border station of ASA Seaside Railway and JR Shikoku (The border station of Asato Line and JR Mugi Line) has no ticket gate.

●How to transfer
There is no station staff.Please go to the platform directly.
*Please give your fare to the driver if you get off the train on the Asato Line (i.e. getting off between Kaifu and Kannoura Stations). We have change.
●How to get on the train at Kaifu station
Please get on the Asato Line from 2nd platform at Kaifu station.
If you transfer from JR Mugi Line, please move to 2nd platform from 1st platform.
There is no tickets counter and no numbered tickets, please get on the train.

●How to get off Kaifu station
Give your ticket to the driver. If you don’t have a ticket, pay your fee to the driver in cash.
If you transfer to JR Mugi Line, please show your ticket to driver, and get on the train from 1st platform.

*We don’t have money exchange service. You can pay bank and the driver give you exchange.

●Main facilities
・There is a handicapped accessible restroom
●Other information
・There are some grocery stores near here. It is convenient for shopping.
・There is a facility of Kaiyo Town (the former Kaifu Town Hall) near here.